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Towing & Impound Service Based in Serving North King & Snohomish County, Washington

Mary's Towing is your complete source for towing and impound service in Everett, WA, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for prompt and courteous service 24 hours a day.
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Private Tows
We provide the fastest service we can to try to rescue someone who needs us, and will go anywhere to pick up a vehicle and bring it back. Usually, one other person can ride in the truck with the driver, although this is handled on a case-by-case basis.
The same rates apply all year long, so whether it is a holiday or weekend, you will pay the same amount. When calling for a tow, you will need to provide the location or address of where the car is, where the car needs to go, your name and phone number, as well as the make and model of the car. Additionally, we can tow more than 1 vehicle at a time.
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Impounding of Illegally Parked Vehicles
Impound signs are provided at no cost to the property owner or manager. When reporting an illegally parked car, contact us and tell us the make and model of the car, where we can meet you to sign for the car, and where the car is parked.
There is no cost to the person who reports the vehicle. Typical response time is within 20 to 30 minutes. We have about 2,800 accounts in the impounding department and a marketing department that oversees the entire impounding department.
Contact our towing company today in Everett, WA, for prompt and courteous towing and impound service.